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tlrd (short)
To Loveru: Darkness (official)
To Love Darkness (official)

* Based on a shounen manga written by [Hasemi Saki] and illustrated by [Yabuki Kentarou], serialised in [Jump Square].
As the encounters between the residents of the planet Develuke — represented primarily by the female members of the royal family — and the inhabitants of Earth — represented mainly by one exasperated [Yuuki Rito] — continue, Rito`s hopes of a peaceful, uneventful life are set aside:
The junior princesses [Nana] and [Momo] transfer to Sainan High school on Earth to learn about Earth culture; where big sister [Lala] can keep an eye on them. But when the manipulative Momo decides to pursue her crush on Rito, she proposes her harem plan, pointing out that as the future inheritor of the Deviluke`s throne (once Rito marries Lala), it would be normal to have many concubines, including Momo herself (so the plan) and all the other girls Rito may fancy, including his earthen crush: [Sairenji Haruna]. Nothing shall stand in the way of Momo`s plan, much to Rito`s discomfort.
To complicate things the legendary assassin [Yami], the Golden Darkness, is still (peacefully) keeping an eye on Rito, her target. And when Rito suddenly shows up with several possessed male high school students hot on his trail, it quickly becomes clear that some unknown party is targeting both Yami and Rito! Luckily, the trained assassin, and the powerful Momo who can communicate and control plants have no trouble protecting Rito.
But why does the mysterious assailant want Yami to return to her old ruthlessly violent self? And will Rito be able to juggle his emotions between the alien Lala and the refreshingly normal Haruna? And what of Momo`s harem plan? Troubled times lie ahead of Rito…

Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 12
Rating – 5.60
Start Date – 2012-10-06
End Date – 2012-12-29

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Ep Num# Date Title 1 2012-10-06 Continue
Continue 2 2012-10-13 Doubt and Dish
Doubt and Dish: Giwaku to Ryouri 3 2012-10-20 Each Speculation
Each Speculation: Sorezore no Omowaku 4 2012-10-27 True Smile: The Past, Friends and a Smile
True Smile: Kako to Tomodachi to Egao to 5 2012-11-03 A Man? A Woman? Changing Ones
A Man? Woman? Kawari Ikumonotachi 6 2012-11-10 Metamorphose: Changing Times 7 2012-11-17 Sisters: The Invention of Happiness
Sisters: Shiawase no Hatsumeihin 8 2012-12-01 Bad Mood
Bad Mood: Shiawase no Kizuna 9 2012-12-08 True Self
True Self: Yami no Naka no Sugao 10 2012-12-15 Past: Memories Leading to Tomorrow
Past: Ashita ni Tsunagaru Kioku 11 2012-12-22 The Right Thing
The Right Thing: Ikikatatte Nani? 12 2012-12-29 Room
Room: Otome no Omoi

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[AnimeOut] To LOVE-Ru Darkness – 04 [BD][720p][Doki][AKS].mkv
[AnimeOut] To LOVE-Ru Darkness – 05 [BD][720p][Doki][AKS].mkv
[AnimeOut] To LOVE-Ru Darkness – 06 [BD][720p][Doki][AKS].mkv
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[AnimeOut] To LOVE-Ru Darkness – 08 [BD][720p][Doki][AKS].mkv
[AnimeOut] To LOVE-Ru Darkness – 09 [BD][720p][Doki][AKS].mkv
[AnimeOut] To LOVE-Ru Darkness – 10 [BD][720p][Doki][AKS].mkv
[AnimeOut] To LOVE-Ru Darkness – 11 [BD][720p][Doki][AKS].mkv
[AnimeOut] To LOVE-Ru Darkness – 12 [BD][720p][Doki][AKS].mkv
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if you haven`t read the manga I don`t recommendyou to watch it because it`s really not that good
The manga is way better ………….. but if you`re a hardcore fan give it a try :)

I`m going to say this is “for fans” only because if you are not familiar with the characters and backstory, it can be hard to follow.

That said, do not be mislead by the name of the series. This is the Momo show, and she shines.

It`s mainly about Momo which is pretty decent but it seemed like they wanted to say a lot more in the series, but didnt. Still a good watch exspecially for fans of the series!

I didn`t care much for ecchi_harem series, but after repeatedly giving them a chance.. the to love-ru series is GENIOUS. Well, everything after the average first season is pure gold. There`s no better blend of a minimum of plot, great character interaction and loads of ecchi.
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Motto To Love-Ru: Trouble (Prequel)
To Love-Ru: Trouble – Darkness OAD (Other)
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