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Sword Art Online (main)
SAO (short)
Sword Art Online (official)
Sword Art Online (official)
* Based on http://anidb.net/cr28670 [Kawahara Reki]`s light novel series Sword Art Online
Kazuto “http://anidb.net/ch37273 [Kirito]” Kirigaya enters a virtual-reality, massively multiplayer online role playing game called Sword Art Online. There is no escape from this world unless the player clears the game; however getting a “game over” results in the death of the player.
[i]Note: The first episode received a pre-airing on 24.06.2012 at an event at Tokyo International Forum Hall C. Regular broadcast started on July, 8.
Note 2: The setting is the same as that of http://anidb.net/a8691 [Accel World], another series by the http://anidb.net/cr28670 [same author].[/i]
Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 25
Rating – 7.49
Start Date – 2012-06-24
End Date – 2012-12-23
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If this is Solo Playing, they dont know what is forever alone/nerd/ or true game. For fans only, he change mind more often than women shoes.

A good anime with a great start, nice characters, fights and interesting story about MMO , but I`m a little disagree with the end and all after first half. It could have been a best anime. For me 7/10.

One of the best anime ever seen
A well done combination of action and romance , but in my opinion what really stood out were the feelings and the reality of it
I wish I could go to SAO xPPP

This is the best anime of the year, and I have seen moste of them. I strongly recommend this anime. if u compare it to another anime I woud say that hunter x hunter greed island is some what close to this in genre.

Entertaining action-packed MMO Story that will appeal to MMO lovers and players, but overall theme and plot of racing for your life just seems to be blissfully ignored. Feels like they are just wanting to write a straight MMO story but were forced to adapt an established property.

If the first episode of this anime is any indication this will be a fantastic series. I`m hoping it may even trump Druaga itself.

As usual the changes made compared to the genial light novels made this anime adaptation an average fantasy.
Superfluous additional female characters (all of them cute of course) right at the start made this almost a harem anime. This is totally the opposed to the novels. And also goes against the reality of MMO-s what was an important factor that made this story unique.

bit slow to start but gets better towards the end.

Only for fans of MMORPGs and those who waste their times with them.
It`s pretty much the teen nerd`s ultimate wet dream: playing videogames with hot chicks who will have the hots for you (and wanting sex with you)vand being “badass”, whereas they aren`t IRL.

Episode 1 just released.
From the way it is, it is a must for fans of MMORPG. It will remind you everything about your MMORPG days… spawning, partying, ganking, classes, treasure chest, monster hunt…
Hope it stays with the pace and true to MMORPG concept.

1st arc: VASTLY overrated, but still quite good. Despite some nagging plot holes and Mary Sue/Gary Stu moments (especially towards the end of the arc), it`s still easily better than the mediocrity that is its sibling “Accel World”.
2nd arc: Pretty much throws away any pretence of actually being set within a real game, recycling the same old cliches you`ve seen in countless shonen series whilst barely attempting to cover them with MMO veneer, repeatedly requires both characters and viewers to be wilfully blind to ignore blatant contrivances and plot holes, down to even an 11th hour literal deus ex machina victory against an utterly one-dimensional antagonist.

first half was great but ended in a complete MEH kind of fashion. second half was a complete failure.

Well i know most mmorpg fans are getting tired of the usual system and want to try out this awesome future virtual reality so that`s why its popular. So mmorpg fans are the ones that will really appreciate this kind of an anime.

Fans of MMORPG games will get the most out of this. Reminds me of playing UO when nobody knew how to play. MMO was a new thing, as with the VR in this. Good story, setting, and characters so far.

Interesting premise, but quite bad execution and full of directional and logical mistakes. The animation team clearly don`t have enough video game knowledge to make a title like SAO. And in the first place, the original novel was mediocre by itself, the characters were simple and flat, and the plot nothing special.
Why watch it then? For fans of .hack//, I guess?

A must see!!! ^_^

i watched it and liked it… so calm and amazin series. plot is really koool and thank god there are no boring characters in this anime. just watch it its one of the best of this year same as kuroko no basket.

This anime is one of my favorites .It has very good plot , cool main characters and some romance .I would be happy to watch it again so i think every fan of the genre will like it too :)

This anime is enthralling from the start and abruptly loses its momentum mid way than gradually becomes less interesting until the finish line. The pace of this anime is fast which makes for some interesting developments and keeps the show intense. It however causes a setback in the manner where characters and the world dont get as flushed out as well as it could have been. While the latter of the anime was okay it just doesnt reach the quality of attention that the former possessed. There is also a shift of focus and emphasis in the story which could turn away some; transitioning from a survival adventure to heavy doses of romance and drama left and right and continues to expand on those points until the very end. The ending in some ways brought good closure and compensated a little bit for the lackluster second half. If this series only expanded and emphasized the shows strong points it just could have possibly reached greatness.

In the first episode it displays a good concept for a new anime this season. I anticipate a great story. I would recommend to anyone to watch this anime this season.

Its a pretty good anime overall well at least the first half is, I was actually pretty damn impressed with the first half I loved it for a matter of fact but then things started to get weird after episode 14 they should have just ended it there and then with 3~2 extra aftermath episodes that would have been perfect in my opinion.

I was actually well surprised during the first episode. I`ve never seen an anime with a plot like that. I didn`t like the personality change of Asuna, that really kinda seemed like a fanservice, but other than that, I really liked the series. Though I didn`t get attached to the characters all that much. I do think it`s worth trying.

Incredibly the best anime of this season. It starts really good with a promising and original story and step by step loses its intensity toward the beginning of the second arc. In any case a good watch.

First season 9/10
Seacond season 4/10
Wish they used all 25 episodes for the first season and removed the last season.
The series would most likely have been much better that way.

Read the light novel. Was brilliant. The anime looks like it`s gearing up to that aspect as well. If you like good stories, give this a try. Recommended.

I really recommended, people who play “mmo” game will love it.

1st episode shows amaizing potential in this anime

I was a little sceptical at first because .hack//SIGN sucked. But this one is really cool – no boring main character and confusing plot. It`s all pretty obvious but still engaging. Great animation and music, loveable characters and a decent plot. Enough action and some emotional and deep moments.

The first half (SAO arc) started very well and had the potential to turn into a masterpiece. It was nice combination of Action, Fantasy, Romance and Tragedy. Although some little things were left out from the original LN but it was very good. However it became rather cliche and boring in the second half (ALO arc). The ending wasn`t all that interesting too. I enjoyed this anime since the first half was done so good and recommend it to MMORPG fans, you`ll probably enjoy it a lot.

The first arch was pretty interesting. The second arch was a bit of a disappointment. Overall a pretty good series.
I feel that mmorpg players will get the best out of SAO because they`ll be able to appreciate the beautiful backgrounds, the environment and the bounty of feelings that the characters show.

Great animation, lovable characters and a main character who knows he`s strong(he doesn`t discover it by winning battles barely alive). About the ending, well… in my opinion it`s the beginning. The VRMMO`s are shown as a corruption unlike any other. At the end after all they had to endure they still go back, in other words once in you can never click the “log out” button.

Like watching WoW without the game pad…

The battle animations make up for every negative comment you could think for this show. If you still think this is a waste of your time, watch the OP/ED and skip the rest also works. Enough said.

SAO was surprisingly good. For one such as me who do not particularly enjoy MMOs this had a crucial plot component which made it much more interesting. Unfortunately the plot took a turn for the worse around episode 14, which dragged it down considerably. To be honest they could have stopped at episode 14, it`s almost like two separate series. 1-14 was amazing, and worth every second, quite possibly the best I have seen in a long time. It`s astounding how close you grew to the characters in such a short time, it was masterful of them to squeeze all that into 14 episodes. Just a pity they didn`t save much for the rest of the series.

Just amazing

F*cking awesome!.. Hurry up and watch dont just read this text of mine! ………………………………….And your still here… *facepalm*

Well… I can say that I was a little skeptical about this one when I began to watch it… what a good surprise! First of all, this is a fast passed anime, and thats like GOLD lately, 10 ep and some well developed romance + 4 eps more story development. Maybe I`m just sick of those 12-24 ep animes that are SOOOO slow and with a obviously “kinda” gay and shy main character. Kirito is just… cool. This one is very interesting. Plus, don`t buy that “MMORPG fan” crap…

I`ll probably be repeating the same thing others have said, but this anime is incredible and amazing. Even if you don`t like MMORPGs, you should still watch this. I mean, it is that good! I have not bought any anime in a while, but I will definitely be purchasing this series when it comes out on DVD/Blu-ray. Just watch it; you won`t be disappointed.

Definitely a must see. You can not believe how good this is!

One of the best anime I`ve seen so far. I love the setting, great characters and epic action. Good pace as well. Kinda hard not to go peek ahead in the novels though cause the story is very compelling.

An excellent series, marred by a sub-par second arc. Fascinating and believable setting with lovable characters including a strong female co-star who doesn`t feel like she exists solely as the main character`s victory prize. Unfortunately, the second arc while still pretty good is nowhere near as excellent as the first for multiple reasons. For me, it`s biggest sin though is that it undoes a lot of what makes several characters interesting in the first arc. Those familiar with the series origin know that original story as it was first conceived was intended to end at the conclusion of the first arc, and it very definitely shows.

Still. Highly recommend watching. Despite my dislike of the second arc, the series very quickly ended up in my personal top 5. This is the series you wanted to be watching during .hack

Fair warning, SERIOUS sexual assault trigger warnings involved here.

if you liked the .Hack game/anime series this is a must watch show, I loved it

Up untill midway its probably one of the best anime i have ever seen. There was no reason at all for that sudden change, it could have been a masterpiece.

Those of you Gamers that have ever dreamed about being stuck in an actual MMORPG then this show is a must. And those of you who want a good show to watch, then you picked a good one. Though the love story is kinda sporadic, the gameplay and the logic is accurate. You will cry, you will laugh and you will rage while watching this show. This is definitely a show to watch.

For all those who recommended this as a must see i applaud u all it is truely amazing and cant wait for more… best anime ive seen this year.

want action? or romance? or fantasy? it`s all in one . must see for almost everyone :)

Epic, strange start but after that, epic.
The early episodes some things fell too rushed and others seam to drag too long. The author tryed to explain almost all the rules of the world in the early episodes.
After that it is pure epicness, once Asuna returns to the story, it never gets dull and it just gets better and better.
Must see

Great anime, in every aspect from music to animation. It just sucks that there is so little they could do with the story. I felt it had so much more potential with the world than what they did. The ending was meh as well but it is still a must watch, albeit overrated a bit. Still can`t wait for any OVAs or a second season, definitely one of my favorites in a while.

Why was asuna not in the ending there when they were all going to the tower again….wtf is that shit? Great anime cleaned it out in 2 days but why show a dedicated relationship in the real world and then question it in the sense that he was there with his sister and asuna no where to be found..Few questions left in the anime, great concept 9/10 :) !! If they ended this anime on episode 14 or created a new aspect of the first dive 10/10. Still a must see for action/romance. Focuses heavily on both aspects which is VERY hard to find normally heavy action light romance or vice versa. Very balanced must see!

Flawless cast, and an inspiring history!
One of the best animes I`ve ever seen!

Have to say this is one amazing series. It starts off as yet another .hack// copy / generic fantasy, but quickly builds up into an epic that pulls you in completely. There`s joy, sadness, relief, anger, pure excitement, all bundled into those 25 episodes, intertwining and mixing seamlessly. A tiny spoiler here, the show goes through 3 “phases” that break up any monotony you`d expect from such a long series and each offer a different experience.

A good casual watch, but immerse yourself in the world and it becomes a truly wonderful journey.

No doubt, this series has become one of my all-time favourites. The premise may be hard to swallow because of it`s fictitious nature and some basic plot-holes, but once you get past that… you`ll quickly find yourself sunken in it`s deep, rich storyline. Only warning – you should understand basic MMORPG mechanics to fully involve with the series.

this anime make me want to play MMORPG again.
a must see especially for MMORPG gamer and don`t forget to read the LN version for detail explanation about the anime

A truly incredible anime, characters and story are wonderful. Definitely worth watching!

Great series all around, some directional differences compared to the Light Novels though.

An excellent fantasy with with (MMO)RPG elements that will not irk the real players w/ their presentation. There are some pretty hardcore moments, unexpectedly, so its not kiddy stuff either. Balanced in both story and production value and “angst”-y enough to keep you on the edge of your seat. Wonderful conclusion w/ no loose ends. An anime, well-deserving of praise and a deffinite must-watch for fans of fantasy romances.

FIRST: THIS IS NOT HAREM! People who say that can`t tell what is harem or not.

Here we have a virtual, RPG like, world much more believable than any other anime that dealt with the theme before. This story is about character development and romance mainly, back off if you want to see amazing apotheotic fights 80% of the time, although there are some cool but short fights to see. Love is the fuel and it`s better developed and fulfilling that any shoujo I have seen recently. SAO is the best anime of the year and it`s better than the light novel it comes from.

I felt like this anime was taken straight from my daydreaming of what if? I`m reminded so much of times playing MMO`s. The anime has great art, the characters arent shallow, and show promise for future development. This is a must see.


One of the most beautiful, moving and best anime that i have ever seen.

At first, I thought this anime was just another .Hack sign copy but then later proves this anime is really different from .hack which that anime totally sucked.
It`s must watch for all MMORPG players and even if you don`t like or play much of them, it has romance and loneliness and tragedy..etc with good storyline. Plus the Awesome opening and ending songs. I like how they didn`t completely focus in game like .hack did, it really truly a good MMORPG anime. Main character, side characters to me all of them are good. Also liked the fact that this series original work was a Light Novel.

One of the BEST.

One of my favorite novels got a good adaptation. There are some flaws (especially some cuts in episodes adapted from side stories), but I still think that this is the best series in the season.
PS: Sorry for bad English ;)

one of my favorite animes ever !! great animation , great story , great romance , great action , everything is great …

It show really indepth about MMO, it is compulsory watch for MMO gamer. It show about dream of a VR MMO. It esp 1 show great storyline. there is no rush in the esp. great animation art.

Yep. This is “overrated”. There are many shortcuts and shortcomings. It`s too fast for a story. It has simplicities.

But. When I watched it, I started an ep. And then I thought “What?! Has it ended already?!”. 20 minutes flew like 5 or 10 while watching this.

Light, thrilling, and interesting to the end. Even if it has many oddities here and there, it`s a “must watch”.

Haven`t see a great Anime like this in years.

I don`t like MMORPG but i like the anime. It`s somehow mature stuff. Love, lonelines, friendship, action, heart break… All you need is in one. Definetely a must see.

After the first episode I went and read all the novels. I can tell you so far the show has followed them almost word for word. Only exceptions are to cut down some thing for time constrants which is understandable.

The books were brilliant and I loved them, the show is just as good. Its got a great concept and the characters show real impact after events. People are worried about the side stories but if you read the books there is purpose for them at later times.

Its not useless fluff fillers like a lot of bleach and naruto that have no bearing on the main story. Give this anime a try, if you like it read the books.

Just one word to describe this : Awesome!!! In every aspect of the anime. I really love this anime. ^^

Great anime the atmosphere is awesome ,allaways refering to skills and stats brings the nerd out of me and the story is solid too. Plus the main carater reminds me my first mmo, wondering about helping noobs in a way under lvl area :D
I Love it

I love the character progression of both the main characters. It does feel a bit rushed with the introduction of new characters to only see them disappear in the next episode, but the events do eventually tie in to the protagonist`s character. Plus, it doesn`t feel like it affects the overall quality of the series unlike other series`.

The friendship love story is touching especially in the context of MMORPGs. Definitely looking forward to watching the next episode!

The best 2012 anime, and a masterpiece. As simple as that.

So many seemingly bad reviews. This anime is just great. It shows how humans adapt to the game scenario, how some even forget what it was like in the real world. I loved the presentation of the characters, each one developing in certain areas, opening a bar, a trade shop, a blacksmith shop and dedicating their efforts to finish the game and return to the real world.
What surprised me , and i was almost confident they would leave a huge hole, was the fact that their real bodies must be deteriorating being hooked on IVs in hospitals. They actually point that out also in the anime that a lot of players simply fainted in the game world as an effect.
Just brilliant series, and it keeps a good grasp of reality. People waking up from the game experiencing physical handicaps like atrophied muscles and loss of senses.

A little weak in places but over all a very enjoyable piece of entertainment. Easily went into my top 20 list

It`s one of the best in this year… and one of the best ever in this genre

One of the best anime for this year.., strongly recommended.. especially for MMORPG lovers..!

This is one of the best animes I have seen. I`m sure that not just gamers but also people who don`t game can enjoy this! The characters are great, and the visuals are awesome. I wish it would be a bit longer though, it`s one of those animes you never want to end.

The first half of the anime is really great. It got me hooked quite quickly and it is something different from the regular RPG anime.
However, I wish I stopped watching after that first half, because in the second half it became rubbish. There is a strong focus on sexual harrassment which was completely unecessary. It went to an extent that I felt was way too extreme to just be part of telling the story. It really ruined it for me. So if don`t like things like that, I would advise you to stop after episode 14 and maybe watch the last episode.

If they follow the light novels and put it back in chronological order (witch I think they will) then this would be one of the best show of the season as I can`t stop reading the novel already, I can`t wait to see it all in anime.

Best anime of the year. Just watch it already! Way better than Accel world.

This is THE anime of 2012, good animation, story based on light novels (books), also highly recommended to read them as well, anime will have new feeling then

Not sure what else there is to say than what has already been said, so I`ll just repeat it :D !
The story is great, it`s fast paced but doesn`t rush anything, which is rare in itself. There`s a great deal of character development, which I think is why the protagonist is one of my favorite characters, the world changes him bit by bit, but the change isn`t “out of his character”, it`s more a case of him maturing a great deal.
The animation quality, voice acting, etc. is great as well!
I`m adding this to my list of all-time favorites!

Even if you aren`t all that interested in MMORPG`s, this is still an anime you can enjoy immensely, because the plot doesn`t focus on the fact that it`s an MMORPG more than necessary, so other than the first episode it`s more of a fantasy story.
That being said, if you are familiar with MMORPG`s like myself, you`re going to enjoy it even more ;) .

In short, give it a try, you won`t regret it!

The story lingers in my mind, even several days after having completely watched the series. Seldom that this happens to me. I hope a second series comes out.
It`s a pity that they obviously sped up the story in the anime, about halfway the series, compared to the manga, which I haven`t read (yet).

No doubt one of the best shows of 2012, with good characters and storyline. Of course, a lot of detail from the original LNs are missing, but in all, this show is being well executed. I look forward to this every week!!

Give it try , you wont regret it

read all the novels too
this series complements them beautifully

This anime is one of the best out there , and more than that it has an good story and an virtual interface.
Its a must see!!!

Started watching this anime when the series was at epsiode 8 due to all the hype and hate that surrounded it I was curious and wanted to check it for my self. In the end I watched all available episodes at one go till 3am in the morning and when finished I read the Light Novel, it was an epic story from start to finish that deserve all the attention of the thousands of fans and haters. (great anime always have haters do not be put off by them)

Sword Art Online is such an amazing light novel that I have read. When I first read it I spent about 16 hours straight reading it. And to be able to watch this light novel that struck my being with such a brutal force in an animation, was truly incredible and satisfying. Even though it felt a little rushed through the arcs and some scenes were skipped I`m sorry to say that I`m given this a 10 and Must See.

Thank you for animating this wonderful piece!

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Hunter x Hunter: Greed Island
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