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Inukami! (480p – 60MB)

Inukami! (main)
Inukami (short)

[infopane color=”6″] [Kawahira Keita] is a descendant of an ancient Inukami tamer family tasked with dealing with unruly spirits and daemons. While his Inukami (or spiritual pact creature) is a very strong female dog spirit named [Youko], she is also very possessive and troublesome, especially when it comes to Keita`s desire to live his youth to it`s fullest. Youko feels that she is all that Keita needs in terms of companionship and takes strong issue whenever her master tries to go out to pick up girls. But together they do make a strong team when dealing with whatever perverted or perverse spirits are troubling their neighbourhood. [/infopane]
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Anime Type – TV Series
Total Episodes – 26
Rating – 5.77
Start Date – 2006-04-06
End Date – 2006-09-28


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Ep Num# Date Title
1 2006-04-06 Don`t Mind Being Naked!
Hadaka de Don`t Mind!
2 2006-04-13 Machos are Lickity Licky!
Macho ga Pero Pero!
3 2006-04-20 Exterminating in Swimsuits!
Mizugi de Taiju!
4 2006-04-27 Unwillingly Wear the Apron!
Yaraze no Kappou Ki!
5 2006-05-04 Keita and Youko!
Keita ir Youko!
Keita to Youko!
6 2006-05-11 Stuck Together Tomohane!
Kartu su Tomohane!
Pittari tomo hane!
7 2006-05-18 Digging at a Mixed Bath!
Konyoku de Sakusaku!
8 2006-05-25 Rub My Tail!
Kosutte Shippo!
9 2006-06-01 Lust and Sekuhata!
Bonnou to Sekuhata!
10 2006-06-08 Cherry Blossom Memories!
Sakura no Omoide!
11 2006-06-15 Beg to the Exhausted!
Guttari ni Onegai!
12 2006-06-22 Hence, My Song That Wants to Die!
Dakara Shinitai Watashi no Uta!
13 2006-06-29 However, It`s Your Song That I Need!
Dakedo Ore ni wa Omae no Uta!
14 2006-07-06 Kappa and Otosan!
Kappa to Oto-san!
15 2006-07-13 Returning a Favor to an Aroused Keita!
Uhauha Keita ni Ongaeshi!
16 2006-07-20 The Room, the Ghost Story, and I!
Heya to Kaidan to Watashi!
17 2006-07-27 I Can See Something!
Nanika Mieteru!
18 2006-08-03 Oh No, A Mammoth!
Mammoth Taihen!
19 2006-08-10 That`s Just What Mokkori Keita Wants!
Mokkori Keita no Omoutsuba!
20 2006-08-17 Emotions to White Cloth!
Shiro Ninu ni Omoi o!
21 2006-08-24 Hang On, Tomohane!
Shikkari Tomohane!
22 2006-08-31 Father and Son-in-Law!
Papa to Muko-dono!
23 2006-09-07 Wilting Elephant!
Shibamu Zou-san!
24 2006-09-14 Kaoru and Nadeshiko!
Kaoru to Nadeshiko!
25 2006-09-21 Banquet of Despair!
Zetsubou no Utage!
26 2006-09-28 Light!


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It was quite funny even though it had too many running gags. Small, but fun fanservice and fandisservice, also. The most interesting here was that there was actually some unexpected (for me) character evolution, specially on Youko and keita. And the ending make (kinda) sense, for a change. It wasn`t a series without any story that suddenly got a story (being 26 eps helped with that part).

If you like ecchi for laughs, slapstick and comedy, then you`ll like this one, for sure!

Recommended for fans of fanservice-based comedy. At the beginning it is quite humourous, but deteriorates as the series goes on. Would recommend first 5 episodes for everyone, but the rest of the series only for fans.

really funny anime, u will enjoy every single episode. ^_^
Cute romance and adorable main female character! wan wan!

very funny. it is worth a watch as long as you like funny perverted anime. i really enjoyed it.

Inukami! The Movie: Tokumei Reiteki Sousakan Karina Shirou! (Side Story)

Omamori Himari
Urusei Yatsura
Seto no Hanayome

ID Name Pic Desc
10241 Youko Youko is the female lead of the series. She has tw….
10252 Sendan Sendan is the leader of [….
10253 Nadeshiko Nadeshiko is an Inukami from the same area as http….
10254 Igusa Igusa is another member of the pack that serves ht….
10255 Tayune Tayune is the sporty-looking, short-haired member ….
10256 Gokyouya Gokyouya is a gray-haired Inukami who near-constan….
10257 Tensou Tensou is an Inukami in [….
10258 Furano Furano is an Inukami in [….
10259 Imari ….
10260 Sayoka ….
10261 Tomohane Tomohane is the youngest of the pack of Inukami th….
10262 Kawahira Keita Kawahira Keita is the male lead of the series. He ….
10263 Kawahira Kaoru Kawahira Kaoru is [Keita]….
10265 Kawahira Kayano ….
10266 Hake Hake is the Inukami of the head of the family, htt….
10267 Kawahira Soutarou ….
10271 Karina Shirou Karina Shirou is a police official who frequently ….
10272 Sekidousai Sekidousai is a wizard of terrible power, who has ….
10273 Socrates ….
10274 Daisakkai Daisakkai is a computer that initially serves to g….
10275 Xanthippe ….
10276 Maro-san Maro-san is a minor spirit-creature – a mujina – w….
10277 Tomekichi Tomekichi is `the traveling cat`, a two-tailed nek….
10278 Tanuki ….
10279 Kappa ….
10280 Saichourou ….
10281 Dai Youko Dai Youko is, in the words of inukami http://anidb….
10282 Jasei Jasei is a wizard who claims to have `mastered the….
10283 Doctor Doctor (or Peeping Doctor) is a man dressed in a t….
10284 Oyakata Oyakata (or Boss) is a large, muscular man who ter….
10285 Kakarichou Kakarichou (or Chief Clerk) is the third member of….
10286 Keikan ….
10287 Kawarazaki Naoki Kawarazaki Naoki is [Keit….
10288 Shindou Kei ….
10289 Sebastian Sebastian is [Shindou Kei….
10298 Jiji ….
10299 Baba ….
10300 Souke The head of the Kawahira Family…..
17483 Bouryoku no Umi Sea of Violence (Boryoku no Umi) is a Shinigami, a….
17722 Shishou ….
17723 Dai Youko (Fuuin) ….