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Date A Live (Complete Batch) (720p-100MB)


Date A Live(720p – 100MB)


Anime Type : TV Series
Total Episodes : ??
Rating : ??
Aired : Aired: Apr 6, 2013 to Jun 22, 2013
Producer : FUNimation EntertainmentL, AIC Plus+, Nippon Columbia
Genres : Comedy, Mecha, Romance, School, Sci-Fi, Shounen, Harem
Duration : 24 min. per episode

[/signoff] [signoff] 30 years ago a large Spacequake occurred in Eurasia. 150 million people died and human life and infrastructure was laid to waste.

Spacequakes: A destructive phenomenon of unknown origin. Like the name says, it is a void which destroys everything in and around it. An unexplainable disaster.

It has been thirty years after the apocalyptic Spacequake, in the six month that followed smaller scale Spacequakes occurred all over the planet. Japan, the place where I live, also faces similar occurrences. It is known as the South Kanto Void Zone. Twenty five year had passed without anything happening. But suddenly, five years ago, it started again, around the Tenguu City area. This phenomenon increased by the day, and these occurrences seem to be centered around Japan.”

As another Spacequake is about to hit the town, Itsuka Shidou and his class run for the shelters. Then he remembers how insistent his sister Kotori was about their meal at a family restaurant. He rushes back out into the open, when locating her GPS signal at said restaurant, frantically rushing to save her. When a Spacequake hits nearby, Shidou discovers a non-human girl, a Spirit named Yatogami Tohka, at the epicentre of the quake. Tohka asks him if he is also here to kill her. Still confused, several girls in combat suits, the Anti-Spirits Team (AST), among them his genius of a classmate Tobiichi Origami, attack Tooka. Shidou loses consciousness, awakening in sickbay, on board the Fraxinus, a floating ship located 15,000 metres above Tenguu City.

The commander of this ship and the ongoing operation is none other than Shidou`s sister Kotori! As she explains, when the Spirits drop down to Earth, this usually ends in a Spacequake occurrence. There are only two ways to stop a Spirit: one is to go on the offensive and kill it (rarely succeeds), the other, of all things, is to go on a date with the Spirit girl… and that will be Shidou`s responsibility!

[/signoff][/one_half] [one_half_last]

[/one_half_last] [clear] [signoff] [tabs placement=”tabs-left” style=”nav-tabs” stacked=”nav-stacked”] [tab title=”Trailer”]

[/tab] [tab title=”Screenshot”]

[/tab] [/tabs] [/signoff] [clear]

File Hosts | Direct-Download Links for Dog Days“ 720p 100MB miniMKV Encodes

[signoff] [tabs placement=”tabs-left” style=”nav-tabs” stacked=”nav-stacked”] [tab title=”Direct Download (Free)”] Episode 01 : Direct Download
Episode 02 : Direct Download
Episode 03 : Direct Download
Episode 04 : Direct Download
Episode 05 : Direct Download
Episode 06 : Direct Download
Episode 07 : Direct Download
Episode 08 : Direct Download
Episode 09 : Direct Download
Episode 10 : Direct Download
Episode 11 : Direct Download
Episode 12 : Direct Download

[/tab] [tab title=”Filehosts”] Episode 01: MEGA
Episode 02: MEGA
Episode 03: MEGA
Episode 04: MEGA
Episode 05: MEGA
Episode 06: MEGA
Episode 07: MEGA
Episode 08: MEGA
Episode 09: MEGA
Episode 10: MEGA
Episode 11: MEGA
Episode 12: MEGA
[/tab] [/tabs] [/signoff] [clear] [divider] [signoff] [tabs placement=”tabs-left” style=”nav-tabs” stacked=”nav-stacked”]


[tab title=”Prequel/Sequel”]

Date a Live (Season 2): Page Link

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Comments to Date A Live (Complete Batch) (720p-100MB)

  • Uryuu Minene

    please re-upload on mega~ please??

  • Abraham Selanno

    please re-upload it in mega

  • Jeremy-kun

    when will BD version come out??

  • sudi909

    Episode 7 Error File Not Found

  • fixzzzzzzzz

    ep 7 download error …..
    Date A Live – 07ul|rapidgator|zippyshare||||

  • sudi909

    Eps 7 Error

    • TheOnlyZii

      what kind of error ?

      • Guest

        File not found

        and can you also upload the ova?

  • Nandatte

    Sir… can you please upload the files to MegaLinks? They are faster and resumeable… Thanks

  • Chuck Norris

    Hey OP. Fix the mega links. Think about people who cannot download torrent ^^

  • Temmy

    I can’t download any of the episode and it keeps asking me for username and password.

  • Sasuke Hawk

    When wil come out season 2?? ;o

    • Romy Brent Mercado

      your Baka Aren’t you?… hahahahha -_-

      • masako_shido

        lol hahahahaha

  • ブラック ミスターブルー

    EP 1 error 404 please fix…

    • Suriadi Chandra

      He’s right …
      I always get 404 error when trying to download ep 1
      can you fix it please …

  • EroX

    Please Fix Episode 1 Deadlink Error 404..Thank You

  • Nobody

    episode 1 deadlink error 404..please fix thank you

  • YDS

    um, episode 4 of torrent is actually episode 8 and real episode is 4 is not in the torrent

  • Godric Zi

    Episode 1 (404 Not Found)

    Please fix it. Thank You

  • Michael

    Please Fix Episode 1 it says 404 Not Found TIA 😀

  • Wannie Wirny

    Um, can you fix the links? I get the error of 404 Not Found.

  • Zicnarf

    episode 1 please fix :) thanks

    • asdf

      please fix

      • DayLighter


  • Kurz

    I downloaded using the torrent…

    Is it just me or is Episode 4 and 8 showing the same episode? I’ll try DDL for episode 4 for now.

  • Kurz

    Hi, getting 404 not found error on episode 1 direct download… please help.

  • deus

    Thank You for fixing the page

  • Zeus

    404 error from ep 9 and 10, am I the only one who’s seeing this?

    • TheFallenAnon

      Nope, I keep getting this too, not only here but on every on-going anime too D:
      Anyways Keep Up The Good Work

  • omglol

    wheres 11?

    • DayLighter

      Delayed doki release means delay by us

  • Blan Paloma

    is this BD?

  • eLv

    It’s happening again… :'(
    Animeout server doesn’t seems to be in good shape…
    any of above episodes DDL link leads to 404…

  • Hamedo

    What’s the problem with server and download links?

    it’s sometimes Not Found!!

  • alan

    why can’t download…?404 not found

  • Marvin Tam-Tam Morfon

    TTwTT My net ish not slow… but when I dload episode 9 it’s epic
    24 kb/sec … why? TTwTT

    • deuce

      really, there are problems in the download speed. i tried kuroko no basuke ep 23 and its speed exceeds 200kbps. but the episodes here are stuck below 20kbps. lol

      • Shiryu

        O.O..? mine is 1.8 to 2.1mbps

  • Noctis Lucis Caelum


  • Mr. E

    can’t download ep 9.. it says 404 not found

  • Hansel Bramantya

    why i can’t download episode 9 with my IDM ? it always turned into “hotlink” -_- :(

  • Baselover

    404 error for ep 9

  • RazerBlackwidow

    Still no ep9? :((

    • Daylighter

      Doki is late again, I did FFF temporarily

  • Burn Mnm

    I cant download.

  • DarkShadow545

    when I click direct download nothing happens? anyone know why lol

    • Mr. E

      same here… happens when I click ep 9 direct DL

      • XD

        ep 9 is working for me :P…just try and try

  • Anonymous

    Date A Live 6 actually already out ages ago. Even DAL 07 is already out. When are you going to update this?

  • mazak

    the encode a bit off…I play with mpcstar the audio is off….why???

  • Marvin Tam-Tam Morfon

    OwO six pls

  • Uegene

    Waiting for episode 6 :)

  • Greed Raffgier

    episode 2, 09:19 o_O Lol? “Mahal kita” why is it in tagalog?? Lol ahahaha

    • Guest

      i love you

      • XD

        coz the encoder is filipino hehehe…

    • deus

      the line really is tagalog. lol

    • Romy Brent Mercado

      lol ^^

    • Romy Brent Mercado

      hahaha 😀

    • voon71

      actually, that is malay as in Malaysia or Indonesia. It means directly, “Expensive us.” I don’t know the context as I’ve yet to watch this.

  • kaitoudark

    What exact time episode 6 out

  • Johndale Alfred Julian

    Excited for ep6 :)

  • Kirito

    When are you releasing episode 6?

  • kodoutaka

    wheres the ep 5???

  • ‘Vinx Raven

    5’s up.

  • Fussion007

    woo another booming anime
    hontoni arigato gozaimasu

    btw, Highschool of The Dead have season 2 ??

    and, if u know, when Rosaria Vampire Capu 3 / season 3 release ???

  • Marvin Tam-Tam Morfon

    episode 4 and 5 :’3 pls?

    • Daylighter

      Read. Air. Dates. Above.

      • Guest

        27 = 24., now 29 = 24 :’3 epic ♥

        • Daylighter

          What the hell are you talking about? I’m guessing that you don’t even know the fact that HDTV versions only air during Saturday Mornings.

          • Cyber16

            *Only able to nod in silence*

  • Hawk Eye

    the sound and the picture doesn’t match sir, perhaps some fixing would do?

  • Jeff Franz


  • Marvin Tam-Tam Morfon

    ._. ep 3 whew r u? XD

    • Kotomine

      One day after ~
      It’s here now x)

      • Marvin Tam-Tam Morfon

        uhhhh Q-Q now., i need ep 4

  • Kitteh~

    -sighs- It doesnt work…why doesnt it work!!!

    • Daylighter

      What doesn’t work?

      • Vladimir Antic

        Can’t download any episode torrent or direct…

        • Daylighter

          Use a Download Manager(recommended) or right click and save-as (you might still run into errors due to high server traffic)

          • Vladimir Antic

            Orbit manager doesn’t work on many new releases for some reason just downloads hotlink. But yeah right click works fine.

  • Adhityairvan

    this is just me or the plot is almost same as TWGOK??

    • Daylighter

      Plot is very different from TWGOK. There are some similar elements though.

      • Turren

        TWSOK – The World Shido Only Knows (Shidonomi)

      • adhityairvan

        yeah similiar elements like capturing the girls,choosing option to talk like a game,etc

  • xDee

    still no episode 2 :( but episode 3 is comming out.. can someone tell me when is the every episode of date a live updated to this page?

  • ^^

    where is episode 2?????

  • Deodorant

    wooo! arigatou :)

  • culun

    between FFF and doki, which one is better ?

    • Daylighter

      Doki’s , but thats just me. Some people like FFF’s more though.

  • CloseKnight

    The link does not work. Leads to the 404 page

    Edit: Now working ^_^ Thank you very much

    • Daylighter

      FIXED! srry bout that

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