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Btooom! 720p – Completed Series

Btooom! 720p – 90MB Encoded Episodes

Direct Download – Btooom! 720p Episodes encoded to 720p miniHD in 90MB Size – With Torrent Download




The story centers around Ryūta Sakamoto, a NEET (Not in Education, Employment, or Training) young man and a top-ranked player in the online combat game Btoom! One day, he wakes up on a tropical island without remembering how he got there. He sees a figure in the distance and asks for help. However, the figure responds by throwing something at Ryūta — a “BIM” bomb. In that moment, Ryūta comes to realize two things: one, his own life is in danger, and two, he is now in the world of Btoom!


Alternative Titles

Synonyms: Btooom!
Japanese: ブトゥーム


Type: TV
Episodes: –
Status: Currenly Airing
Aired: Oct 4, 2012 to ?
Producers: Madhouse Studios, Sentai Filmworks
Genres: Action, Sci-Fi, Psychological, Seinen
Duration: 24 min. per episode
Rating: R+ – Mild Nudity




Filehost Link | Torrent Links for Btooom! 720p 90MB miniHD Encodes

Complete Batch : FilesBB Complete Batch

Direct-Download Links | Torrent Links for Btooom! 720p 90MB miniHD Encodes

Episode 1 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 2 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 3 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 4 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 5 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 6 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 7 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 8 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 9 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 10 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 11 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 12 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 13 : Direct Download | Torrent
Episode 14 : Direct Download | Torrent


Btooom! is already finised airing and all episodes mentioned above are of full batch.


Comments to BTOOOM!

  • Sher

    MEGA upload please! Thanks 😀

  • Roy Ng

    reupload pls… prefer mega batch tqvm. (^v^)/

  • fruitepunch

    pls. upload mega batch for this..tnx

  • dyrt

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  • Shamea

    How can I be a member

    • http://animeout.com Xander

      read FAQ

  • Kaori yuuki

    Can someone just upload Mega on this anime? For fast download. It takes me forever to complete downloading this anime, so many steps. please please? someone can?

  • Traguy

    guys can’t download…need username N pass…WTF is tht…im new to this site…

    • Zero992

      read a F.A.Q. or message thats poping out

  • Remus

    No Mega links?

    • http://Animeout.com TheOnlyZii

      Batch Link Posted

  • Sisig

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  • Krich

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  • Acceleroulette

    can you upload to mega pleaseee???? thanks a lot for uploading

    you guys did a really fantastic job

  • Abrar Farhan Zaman

    No one is seeding the torrents

    • TheOnlyZii

      We have dropped torrents request filehost upload of it using request upload link on the menu

  • Timothy

    Hello but may i ask you guys is this english dub or dual audio? thanks for the reply in advance

    • TheOnlyZii

      It is subbed with Japanese Audio


  • Tsuri (yep, its me)

    I want to thank the guys on animeout for making all this anime available for me and all of us anime lovers.

    Thanks you guys, thanks alot.

  • constan

    please upload in BD 720p please

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  • http://www.facebook.com/goku.bu Ahmed Hassan

    Your website is AWESUm and guys keep up the good Work plzz upload more anime series :) u guys r great

  • Wub

    3rd Direct Link isnt work

  • Aincrad

    Please Repost EP 8 of BTOOOM! internal server error…

  • Shenmue-Amv

    i hope i’ll never see this site down. the best site i’ve ever seen in my fuckin’ life thanks alot ! 😀

  • Shenmue-Amv

    i hope i’ll never see this site down. the best site i’ve ever seen in my fuckin’ life thanks alot ! 😀

  • http://profiles.google.com/gigastrash rad asds

    Please upload blu-ray version

  • ugh

    uh.. ppl.. torrents don’t work unless you RESEED

  • Name

    It says its corrupt or something :(

  • megafilipe

    fuk i was stupid, this is full of censorship, wait for a bd release, dont do the same mistake as me

  • fakyou


  • fakyou


    • megafilipe

      they aren’t, some scenes may be missing and a lot of darkening in blood and boobs were made

      • jonbon

        so you mean there may be scenes missing or cut out on these?

  • ANON

    is the server down?? I m getting bad requests for the download.please help!!!

  • megafilipe

    Those arent full batch……. every torrent of btoom is different

    • http://www.kamimanga.wordpress.com @nime Kami

      What’s the problem then?… I individually uploaded those torrents… on purpose…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000546543413 Ezz Whew

    yes , episode 9 .. thx uploader n animeout .

    love this site ..

  • anon

    where is the 7th episode??

    • :)

      It’s just been released just wait for the encoders to encode it. Thank you Encoder and Animeout for supplying us with High Quality anime with a small size to compliment our small hard drive and crappy internet.

  • Your eL

    Hmm… Story line is good… followed by the art…
    Love This Site!

  • jazzy1

    Watching this and so far its been quite good.

  • Kuro7

    the size keep and keep bigger man. what’s wrong

  • Sakama Chikin Jirou

    WHAT IZ WHIZ DIS BIG A$$ SIZE FILE lolz jk trolling

  • @nime Kami

    There will be 12 Episodes in this Season

  • Ainks

    anyone know how many episode for this anime

  • Guest

    Tsonga from france, Agassi and Roddick from USA.. tennis player parody lol

  • wew

    online game.. online game everywhere.. .(dot)hack, sword art online, etc etc

    • http://twitter.com/azri_fsktm Azri Khushairi

      i see only 2.. come on, list out more

      • wew

        this.. btooom, ixion saga, and some more.. i can’t remember all..

        • datBreaker

          watch before you google and take shit to anyone with lame comments

        • silencely

          you obviously knew only 2 of them then you started googling.

    • goons4good

      online game based animes are clearly not for you…. just STFU

  • http://www.facebook.com/ariadne.winda Ariadne Winda

    yesterday i read this manga until end of avaiable chapter ,, no wonder become anime xD it will make ur heart beating fast..

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